Revamping Wall Street Exchange’s Approach to Operational Excellence in Response to the Pandemic

Wall Street Exchange

Wall Street Exchange, a member of the Emirates Post Group, was founded in Dubai in 1982 and has since been a leading provider of comprehensive currency exchange and money transfer services across the UAE.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wall Street Exchange (WSE) showcased resilience in its year-on-year performance in 2020, attributed in large part to its commitment to keeping employee motivation high and supporting the frontline team with essential resources. Recognizing the importance of sustaining success amid ongoing pandemic challenges, WSE placed a strong emphasis on the development and morale of its workforce. In order to achieve their objectives for commercial success, compliance, and operational performance, WSE collaborated with The Gamifier Group and launched Leaguestar Plus with a tailored engagement strategy.

Leveraging Leaguestar, WSE conquered the obstacles presented by COVID-19, driving up employee engagement to deliver operational excellence. Leaguestar was customized to cater to the unique needs and motivations of the 200+ strong WSE team, transforming the company’s retail performance culture through the implementation of The Wall Street Premier League (WSPL). The WSPL was designed to inspire teams through healthy gamified competition that drove strong sales and service outcomes. Surpassing expectations, Leaguestar improved KPI’s, strengthened team bonds, and fostered unity within WSE’s expansive retail network.

According to an anonymous survey, 95% of the WSE team reported that the WSPL made them better and more productive, contributing to the achievement of operational excellence.

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