Empowering Sales Performance and Team Engagement at Till Payments, the Global Fintech Disruptor

Till Payments, founded in 2012, is a global fintech disruptor that simplifies business payments with seamless, all-in-one solutions. Their single-source platform enables merchants to accept payments easily, anytime, and anywhere, whether it’s online, in-store, or both.

Till partnered with The Gamifier Group and implemented Leaguestar to improve performance monitoring and team engagement in their rapidly growing business. In this dynamic environment, adaptability was paramount, and Leaguestar proved to be the perfect fit. The sales team became the primary focus, benefiting from a fresh approach to performance evaluation and driving improved results.

Leaguestar bridged the gap by providing valuable insights into the sales team’s performance trends on a weekly and monthly basis. Through Leaguestar’s gamification, various key performance indicators (KPIs) were transformed into engaging competition formats. Sales team members, with unique KPIs tailored to their sales responsibilities, competed against each other, both individually and as teams. By breaking down performance data by individual and KPI with greater frequency, Leaguestar facilitated improved activity and performance. It highlighted the team’s strengths and areas for improvement, resulting in a more calibrated and effective sales approach.

In addition, Leaguestar’s visually dynamic dashboard, inspired by the sporty aesthetics of ESPN, created an atmosphere of excitement. Even those not actively participating in the competition were drawn in, sparking engaging conversations and fostering intensified collaboration. The entire organization rallied together, united by the common goal of achieving sales excellence.

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