Achieving a Culture of Performance Excellence with The BFC Group’s Bahrain and Kuwait Retail Operations

Bahrain Finance Company

The BFC Group, a highly esteemed global organization in the financial services sector, specializing in global money transfers, foreign currency exchange, and wholesale currency services, has established itself as a trusted name in the industry through decades of growth and development.

In early 2022, as the world emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, Bahrain Exchange Company (BEC) and Bahrain Financing Company (BFC), the retail businesses of The BFC Group in Kuwait and Bahrain, partnered with The Gamifier Group (TGG) to implement the Leaguestar Plus program. Impressed with TGG’s successful track record with Leaguestar in other Foreign Exchange & Remittance retail businesses, BEC and BFC aimed to enhance operational efficiency and foster a culture of excellence across their extensive network of 100+ retail stores and 600+ frontline team members.

Through Leaguestar Plus, BEC and BFC introduced two separate leagues, the BEC League and the BFC League, drawing inspiration from the principles of cricket to revitalize employee engagement and focus on key performance indicators. With 109 teams competing in gamified weekly matches throughout 2022, the program generated higher levels of engagement and significantly improved business performance.

The program went beyond traditional approaches to inspire and engage employees, introducing several valuable initiatives. Firstly, a Leaguestar Management Committee was established, comprised of top business champions from BEC and BFC, acting as guardians of the program. Additionally, Leaguestar Playbooks equipped team captains and senior managers with strategic retail tactics and tips to help them achieve their Leaguestar goals. The Art of Sponsorship Playbook provided actionable strategies to secure league sponsorship from key partners, while the Content Creation Playbook empowered teams to create their own sport-like League TV Channel, “The Round Up”, using video content to showcase top performers and exceptional achievements, resulting in increased engagement and business success.

To enhance enthusiasm and nurture a competitive spirit, multiple Sprint Events, such as the “Battle of the Nations,” were arranged. These events featured handpicked teams from each league competing against each other to determine the top-performing teams representing their respective countries.

With the expert guidance of The Gamifier Group, the implementation of Leaguestar Plus invigorated the BFC Group’s retail operations, strengthening team bonds and achieving impressive double-digit revenue growth rates in significant channels.

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